We are looking for enthusiastic entrepreneurs who would love to own a home based business. Set your own hours, sell online, retail or wholesale, and be your own boss.  Become your city, state or countries exclusive Repligraphs® distributor.  To inquire about distribution opportunities or wholesale prices, please read below..

Why choose Repligraphs®

  • We do not charge a franchise fee.
  • You can work full time or part time. (it`s your business)
  • We never take a percentage of your business.
  • You get full rights to the Registered Trademark name Repligraphs® when selling and advertising.
  • We can customize your very own* Repligraphs®. (no cost to you)
  • No inventory stock required (keep on hand what you need or order what you sell)  
  • We produce your orders as sold**
  • We offer NOPO™ "No out of pocket orders" ***  
  • You will be the only one able to sell your *exclusively designed Repligraphs® to other distributors, wholesalers & market places like Ebay, Etsy and Pintrest. 

*We can make exclusively designed Repligrpahs® for "only you" and your territory. We offer this service at NO additional cost to you. Send us your idea, let us design it and make you a sample. Once you approve the design, you will need to place your order of a minimum 40 units on any new exclusive design (make 1 new style minimum order is 40, so buy 10 of the new one and 30 others or make 4 new styles order 10 each = 40). The design is yours to sell exclusively  (after buying from us) and during the whole time you carry the exclusive rights agreement. (all design and rights to any new design made by request, or in conjunction with, stay the property of Repligraphs® and is copyright of Repligraphs®) 

Exclusively designed Repligraphs® will not be sold to any other territory during your ownership. If we receive a request by another territory owner, they will be given your information. Send us your idea & designs and we will approve or decline within 24Hrs. Remember, we make local special event envelopes.  See our samples for design ideas in your territory. You may only sell  "YOUR" exclusive territory designs in retail, wholesale or market places like Ebay, Etsy and Pintrest. 

** We require 50% down to process any order,(No money is required to see a sample of your idea)  we ask that each distributor requires a 50% deposit on any order it receives.(this is optional) Production varies from 5 to 14 days depending on the amount ordered and current orders. All orders are made in the U.S.A.

*** "NOPO™" No Out of Pocket Orders. To use the NOPO™ you must collect a 50% deposit on each order requested from your clients. Your order minimum is 110 units


It`s pretty simple.

Purchase our Exclusive Distributor Right to Sell (EDRS™) for a small 1 time  fee*  if your chosen territory is available you will get a 2 year agreement and exclusive distribution rights for the territory you requested** with 2 year renewal options thereafter.  

Simply order your Repligraphs® from us, pay for them, and we ask for no other money from you or your business. 

The rest is all yours. 

Follow a few rules** we have and you are off to the races. 

BEST of ALL, you get the first 100 Repligraphs® (your choice), FREE*** with your paid EDRS® fee. That`s a minimum of $1000 in free profit. (make your EDRS™ fee back in a month)****

*EDRS™ fees are as follows: 

  • One (1) US State (top 5) $7,500 

New York - California - Texas - Nevada - Florida  

(sell less than 60 Repligraphs® per month, in 1st year and make the EDRS™ fee back.)

  • Three (3) US States $3,500 your choice 

(sell 20 a month in 1st year and make the EDRS™ fee back.)

  • Canada rights (full country) $10,000 

(less than 80 sold Repligraphs® a month in 1st. year throughout all of Canada and you have your EDRS™ back)

  • Other countries available please contact us. 

Based on availability, contact us for available territories.

**All request may not be available, some may be in hold agreement status.

***We want you to succeed, so we are offering 100 Repligraphs® FREE to you when your EDRS™ fee is paid. Now you can get started making money within 9 days. 

****Profit is based on selling all of the 100 Repligraphs®, not all sales sell out in the first few weeks. All sales very.