The Idea

Many autograph collectors have become tired of spending hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on past legend autographs, only to find out years later, what they bought was a fake. With virtually zero recourse after so many years and no way to totally guarantee* an autograph purchased  from a secondary** party. We decided to come up with a  system that not only saves you money but it satisfies your need to decorate that man cave, home and or business with collectible art.



With Repligraphs® you no longer have to worry about authenticity, high prices, insurance, and the sleepless nights worrying about if it was a good investment.

We are selling special event day covers. They are great for decorating your man cave, business or event with top quality memorabilia. At a fraction of the cost of an original. 

They make great gifts for memorabilia collectors young and old. Now own that collectible you wanted but in a Repligraph® form. 


Our Opinion

*Buying an autograph at an appearance

When buying in person, you should always buy the offered hologram to authenticate your item. This is the way to "guarantee" your autograph. Companies like, Upper Deck, Tristar and Mounted Memories are great leaders in the hobby.

**Secondary market.

In the industry of memorabilia collecting, there are many authentication companies that can verify your items.The preferred authentication companies in the hobby are PSA-DNA and JSA. They are the most trusted in the hobby. 


Repligraphs® is a  alternative collecting experience. A Repligraph® is not intended to be taken as a "Real or a Authentic" autograph. By purchasing a Repligraph® you agree to knowing that you have purchased a replica (copy) autograph. The value of a Repligraph®. "Limited Edition Series" Repligraphs® are market driven and may change value when a specific Repligraph® is sold out.  At that time the secondary market may set a higher than retail value on that Repligraph® due to the degree of difficulty to acquire.  

"Limited Edition & Numbered" Repligraphs® may see a value increase as market suggest. Each Repligraph® comes with a tamper proof hologram and company markings to prevent fraud.